reviews Ignazio Silone’s Fontamara – Grade: A+. His real name was not Ignazio Silone – he was born Secondino Tranquilli. Pescina was not Fontamara and Silone was not a poor peasant. Fontamara estas la nomo de fikcia vilaĝo en Abruco kaj scenejo de romano de la itala verkisto Ignazio Silone. La romano estas pri vivo en.

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Not even partial expropriation of properties was practiced, nor was the land that had been confiscated from religious orders, assigned to peasants. They are disconnected with the world and don’t know about new laws like the Emigration Policywage rate changes, and identity cards and papers needed to get on a train or work elsewhere.

The novel ends with a question: Don Circonstanza tricks them again, telling them that the water will be returned not after 50 years but after 10 lustri 5-year periods [12] p.

However he does not listen to them nor take their views into consideration because he sees them as inferior to him. Retrieved 13 May First he was inspired and steeled by the hopes of a new world which followed the Great War and the Russian Revolution.

Fontamara – Ignazio Silone – Google Books

Fontamara was his first book and it was also a testament, dedicated ignzzio the two people who were closest to him. These were the circumstances in which Silone and Togliatti were summoned to Moscow for a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Communist International.

She shows courage and supports Elvira, her niece, when the women are being raped and the police do nothing.


ingazio He had rejected all party political activity sincebut under pressure from friends he agreed to take responsibility for the Foreign Centre of the Socialist Party. Even Don Circonstanza, the Friend of the People, swindles us. This was a device of his mistress Donna Clorinda that enabled her to keep an eye on every detail of his xilone. He wrote to me: At the end of the book, the Solito Sconosciuto helps the survivors of the war to cross the border.

An orphan at the age of 15 he was forced to grow up extremely fast. He was certainly not a pastor able to risk his life to defend his flock against wolves, but he was educated enough in his religion to explain how, from the moment God created wolves, he recognised that from time to time they had the right to devour some sheep. Unfortunately, so far as Italy at least was concerned, some of his fears proved well founded.

No-one, who did not know him, would have supposed that he was the richest man in the region and the new head of the town [12] p. But the trickster takes their money and doesn’t find them a job.

For the first time in Italian literature, peasants were the protagonists and their agricultural activities are described in great detail through the seasons. Marietta claims I think it’s a new kind.

Finally there was his decision to delete all mention of the word unity.

It is Silone’s first novel and is regarded as his most famous work. They raise such Italian problems as regionalism, the clash of ideologies and the ways of portraying them in literary form. Novels Ignazio Silone Ibnazio Everyone talks about it, but no one has ever been there.



Nor can, or will, any of those to whom they have traditionally turned help them now–the former mayor, tradesmen, small land owners, the local clergy, all are equally helpless or in cahoots with the new government.

They are swindled out of their profits and wages by don Circonstanza and the Impresario, and as every family in Fontamara is connected, every family, even the poorest, has interests that are shared with others, and for lack of wealth it is poverty that has to be shared.

The Italian Unification is still a recent event to them, they are ignorant of the new Fascist regime and still think that Queen Margherita is alive. Political freedom and self-determination Fascism has not triumphed.

Why did he affirm his confession before the judge of a special tribunal which used his confession to condemn him to 12 years in prison?

It is fatalistic, but it is also darkly comic. She spends most of her days, and even her nights during the summer, on a stone at the entrance of her house, which was actually a cave.

Berardo picks Elvira up in his arms, takes her home and spends the night with her.

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