In Frames of War, Judith Butler explores the media’s portrayal of state violence, a process integral to the way in which the West wages modern. War is “framed” in the media so as to prevent us from recognising the people who are to be killed as living fully “grievable” lives, like ours. Frames of War begins where Butler’s Precarious Lives left off: on the idea that we cannot grieve for those lost lives that we never saw as lives to begin with.

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Butler is largely appreciative to Sontag’s writing on photography and violence. Recognition of the vulnerability of our lives is a great place to begin her protest against humans engaging in war.

I think that is more what Sontag means when she says that photos need texts dar order to be understood. In Praise of Disobedience. When Is Life Grievable?

Photographs themselves advance the argument that the lives they depict are precarious, and deserve to be recognized as such, prior to or independent of an overtly discursive form of argument. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. These two books should have fra,es one, more carefully developed, collection of essays.

Butler does point out, however, that she is hesitant to list and arrange different factors of identity such as gender, race, sexuality since they so easily becomes pulled out and separated from each other. Judith Butler is an American post-structuralist and feminist philosopher who has contributed to the fields of feminism, queer theory, political philosophy and ethics.


Frames kife War is an intellectual masterpiece that weds a new understanding of being, immersed in yrievable, to a novel Left politics that focuses on State violence, war and resistance.

The friend who gave this to me is a brilliant historian and rightfully believed that this would be interesting to me.

Taking the framing of cultural antagonism On the other hand, this seems to be contradicted by Butler’s own careful contextual framing of the photos of torture from the Abu Ghraib. Feb 23, Pages.

Frames of War: When Is Life Grievable?

To say that ‘life is precarious’ is to say that the possibility of being sustained relies fundamentally on social and political conditions. Chapter 5 might also come across as abstruse to those either dismissive of or without a grounding in Freudian psychology.

Apr 18, Erdem Tasdelen rated it liked it. According to Butler, there’s no life without the conditions of life, and those conditions are pervasively social and, as such, precarious.

Frames of War by Judith Butler | : Books

May 16, Cynthia rated it liked it Shelves: From the survival of each infant born to the food on our plates whenn the infrastructure that provides the food on our plates including the plates. Butler received her Ph.

There is litt Ugh. So she tries to analyse what the different frames of war might say about for example America’s war on terror. In this age of CNN-mediated war, the lives of those wretched populations of the earth—the refugees; the victims of unjust imprisonment and torture; the immigrants virtually enslaved by gievable starvation and legal disenfranchisement—are always presented gfievable us as already irretrievable and thereby already lost.


But to say that I understood or even recognized all the concepts in the book would be untrue. Precarious Life around the world Celebrating WomenInTranslation month at Verso, we are highlighting international editions of Verso books by women whose writing has made an impact around the world.

Hardcoverpages. It took me more than two years to get through this book. Celebrating WomenInTranslation month at Verso, we are highlighting international editions of Verso books by women whose writing has made an impact around the world.

I particularly like the idea that she develops from Precarious Life about being connected with people you don’t necessarily want to be connected to. In the lates she held several teaching and research appointments, and was involved in “post-structuralist” efforts within Western feminist theory to question the “presuppositional terms” of feminism.

I think the frames of war theoretical understanding is important to have during our current political climate and the metoo movement. The main idea of use to me from this is the narrativizing of diegetic framing to the ends of critiquing “regulatory and censorious power” p. Aurelia Guo 21 August Sep 20, Lynn rated it it was amazing. However, in this book Butler actually takes up the issue of racism in chapter 3.

Also, I would recommend this text to philosophers, art historians — really, anyone in the humanities — and, also, anyone willing to engage in the political, human agency, representation, and grievaboe.

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