Bibliographic information. QR code for Gajenje riba u akvarijumu. Title, Gajenje riba u akvarijumu. Biblioteka Zadružna knjiga. Author, Mihajlo Ristić. Publisher. Uzgajanje slatkovodnih riba: Biblioteka “Polja Partenona”. Beograd: Srbija. Čanak, S. Gajenje riba: Zadužbina Andrejević. Beograd: Srbija. Marković, Z. Tradicionalna proizvodnja karnivornih riba različitog uzrasta (veličine) za Karnivorne vrste su dodatna vrsta riba koja zahteva različite uslove gajenja. Zbog .

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Zbornik izvoda, V simpozijum o ribarstvu, Univerzitet u Banjoj Luci, Poljoprivredni Fakultet.

Gupi – Wikipedija

Selective gsjenje of common carp Cyprinus carpio L. Protein level and efficiency of feed mixture for common carp Cyprinus carpio. Effects of different dietary protein sources on intestine and liver morphology of carp yearlings. Banja Luka, oktobar ROSA – Reinforcement of sustainable aquaculture.

Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry 28 2p.

Multivariate analysis of fatty acid profiles of carp meat during semi — intensive farming. Thessaloniki, Hellenic zoological society and National centre for marine research, Book of abstracts, pp. Book of Abstracts, p 5.

Projektovanje kaveznih sistema za gajenje riba. Asistent, Poljoprivredni fakultet, Beograd The effect of trout pond on water quality in the recipient.

Index of /wp-content/uploads/2014/11

Gill histology of fish from Zlatibor reservoir lake. Proceedings, 34 – Monitoring water quality using zooplankton organisms as bioindicators at the Dubica fish farm, Serbia. Establishment of fish stress within the Center for fishery and applied hydrobiology at the Faculty of agriculture University of Belgrade.


Nove vrste Trichoptera Insecta za faunu Srbije. Fed Extruded Diets with or without Fish Meal. The effects of geothermal water inflow on longitudinal changes in benthic macroinvertebrate community composition of a temperate stream.

Fauna of aquatic invertebrates in some springs on the Mt. April, Szarvas, Hungary. New records of Helicopsyche bacescui Trichoptera, Helicopsychidae from the Balkan Peninsula with notes on its habitat.

Faunistical composition of the macrozoobenthos of the Gamenje river, the right tributary irba the Kolubara river Yugoslavia9th International congress on the zoogeography and ecology of Greece and adjacent regions.

Docent, Poljoprivredni fakultet, Beograd Possibilities for replacement of fish meal with soy protein concentrate in diets for rainbow trout.

Possible replacement of fish meal by soy concentrate in feed for trout.

Gajenje riba u akvarijumu – Mihajlo Ristić – Google Books

Fatty acid profile in muscles of carp Cyprinus carpio L. Problems and perspectives of agriculture development in Serbia. Intraepithelial macrophages in the distal intestine of common carp Cyprinus carpio L. Occurrence of rodlet cells and eosinophilic granule cells in common carp Cyprinus carpio L.

Significance of carp Cyprinus carpio feeding with Chironomidae larvae for meat quality improvement in the gqjenje production system. Acta entomologica Slovenica, Vol. Contribution to the knowledge of qualitative composition of macrozoobenthos and quality of water of the Crvena Reka river. Prvi nalaz za faunu Balkanskog poluostrva. Matica Srpska, Odeljenje za prirodne nauke, Novi Sad. Possibilities of improving carp production in ponds and pond usage for additional activities.


New records of Thremma anomalum Trichoptera, Uenoidae from Southeastern Europe with notes on its ecology. Chironomus plumosus Diptera, Insecta larvae as a source of essential fatty ria in feed of carp fry.

Utilization of protein and energy from feedmixtures containing different content of proteins in carp yearlings. Effects of stocking density and feed quantity. Ichthyologia, Vol 30, No 1. Contribution to the faunistical list of Trichoptera Insecta of Serbia. Ko je ko u ribarstvu u Srbiji, Poljoprivredni fakultet, Beograd Effect of stress on presence of developing nephrons of common carp reared in semiintensive system.

Annul proceedings of the Yugoslav society for water protection, Natural food dynamics in bottom fauna and its correlation with carp growth rate in semiintensive production system. A contribution to the study of the Trichoptera fauna in Serbia over the period — Ichneumonidae parazitoid na lutkama Silo pallipes Trichoptera: Agriotypus armatus Curtis, ribs, a parasitoid of Silo pallipes Fabricius, Influence of the temperature regime on the composition of the macrozoobenthos community in a thermal brook in Serbia.

Acta Zoologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 55 177— Faculty of Agriculture, Banja Luka.

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