Ghanoon-i Asasi Jomhoori Islami Iran [Persian Edition] [Aboozar Behroozi] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Making of Iran’s Islamic Revolution: From Monarchy to the Islamic Republic. majles-e barresi-e Nahaee-e Ghanoon-e Asasi-e Jomhoori-e Eslami-e Iran. Sohrab Ahmari, “The Iranian regime and workers’ rights,” May 1, , “Asle ghanoon asasi dar mored mozd kar garan ejra nashodeh ast,” June

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Members of each of these councils will be elected by the people irn the locality in question. Assasi offices of the President and the Prime Minister were retained for the executive branch of government from the French model. Article In order to ghanooj social, economic, development, public health, cultural, and educational programmes and facilitate other affairs relating to public welfare with the cooperation of the people according to local needs, the administration of each village, division, city, municipality, and province will be supervised by a council to be named the Village, Division, City, Municipality, or Provincial Council.

This rule must be executed by the government with due care, after investigation and furnishing necessary evidence in accordance with the law of Islam. Reducing the phenomena of being illiterate; rejecting the tyranny and being participated of all people in all affairs and refinement of souls. Article The Supreme Council of the Provinces has the right within its jurisdiction, to draft bills and to submit them to the Islamic Consultative Assembly, either directly or through the government.

Article 27 provides irzn freedom of assembly, “provided arms are not carried” and the assemblies “are not detrimental to the fundamental principles of Islam”.

In other projects Wikiquote Wikisource. Iranian constitution democratic at heart – WSJ”. Nearly seventy three members of Majlis has been selected for evaluating the constitution who were from different minorities of religions, scientists, Athletes, and religious figures.


قانون اساسی ایران (انگلیسی ) Iran – Constitution

Hhanoon 68 allows suspension of elections during wartime. Assembly of Experts for Constitution. The constitution accords many powers to the Supreme Leader. That action is to policies like codification of rules of social justice and removing any type of social gap; creating the administrative system; reformation of judicial system according to Islamic regulations.

Therefore, that is needed some initiative actions such as cleaning the environment.

Any form of agreement resulting in foreign control over the natural resources, economy, army, or culture of the country, as well as other aspects of the national life, is forbidden. The Majlis of finally evaluating of constitution begun his career during sixty seven sessions and in four rounds.

Article 29 [Welfare benefits] is a universal right of all to enjoy social insurance ghanoln other forms of security for retirement, unemployment, old-age disability, lack of guardianship, being a wayfarer, accident and the need for health and treatment services and medical care.

The government of the Islamic Republic of Iran may grant political asylum to those who seek it unless they are regarded as traitors and saboteurs according to the laws of Iran. Article 4 is immutable and the Council of Guardians ensures that all articles of the Constitution as well other laws are based on Islamic criteria. While articles One and Two vest sovereignty in God, article six “mandates popular elections for the presidency and the Majlis, or parliament. The congress has been come to exist by solar.

Iran portal Politics portal. The first round azasi with preliminary evaluating of principles. The Constitution of Islamic Republic of Iran”. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran

This article explicitly forbids economic activity ghanooon degrades or causes irreversible harm to the environment. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


According to the Article 44 of the Iranian Constitution, the economy of Iran is to consist of three sectors: Davari 1 October Retrieved from ” https: Supreme National Security Council Secretary: Accordingly, while scrupulously refraining from all forms of interference in the internal affairs of other nations, it supports the just struggles of the Mustad’afun oppressed against the Mustakbirun oppressors in every corner of the globe.

Article In order to prevent discrimination in the preparation of programmes for the development and welfare of the provinces, to secure the cooperation of the people, and to arrange for the supervision of coordinated implementation of such programmes, a Supreme Council of, the Provinces will be assasi, composed of representatives of the Provincial Councils.

The constitution in now legal order. January Learn how and when to remove this template message. The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran [1] [2] was adopted by referendum on 2 ghaoon 3 December[3] [4] and went into force replacing the Constitution of Views Read Edit View history.

Article 3 states the objective of the Islamic Republic is to direct all of its resources to a number of goals. If a proposed bill of Majles is “against the principles of Shariah or the Constitution,” then the Guardian Council should meet with the Expediency Council to resolve the legislative deadlock.

Article 1 states that the form of Government in Iran is that of an Islamic Republic. Law will specify the manner in which this council is to gnanoon formed and the functions that it is to fulfil. These goals cover general topics in governance.

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