Picatrix (Ghayat Al-Hakim) The Goal of the Wise, Vol. 1 [Hashem Atallah, William Kiesel, Maslamah ibn Ahmad Majriti] on *FREE* shipping on. Is the other great Medieval grimoire which is Ghayat al Hakim (Picatrix) of al Majriti or pseudo-alMajriti also reguarded as valuable, according to. The latest Tweets from Ghayat al-hakim (Picatrix) (@MaslamaQ). A Sage with a Goal. Follow the progress of the English Translation by al-Andalus.

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I too would be curious to hear a response to this. Even though, as said before, it may be true. The Latin translator omits many theoretical passages throughout the work. This ghauat seems in line with the persona you project on that twitter account.

Of wisdom it is said that it has three subjective characteristics.

Finally, and apparently as a fourth level of concrete understanding, comes the logical and the analytical, through which clear and unequivocal statements and derivations are made in the development of ideas.

Liber III provides detailed descriptions of other esoteric correspondences between these seven planets and the twelve constellations of the Zodiac, including their respective Decans. That there are those in the middle who have causes and effects. Anyway some music for the masses https: So, ” 0 prequel ” sorts by 0 under the label “prequel.

That it is clearly stated that Allah is also able to visit ruin upon any one It wishes, is quite clearly the sinisterly in this un-stated, and only apparent dichotomy. This is one indication that the sources of Picatrix are in large part Hellenistic. That said, Europe got emanationism from a whole bunch of sources, but the Picatrix along with works like the Secret of Secrets, The Zohar, etc.

The natural art includes observations of the celestial astronomy and wl The Goal hakin the Wise Series by cover. August 16, at 2: And here I was just wondering if I would ever have the opportunity to contact her. The ranks serve the mechanics of emanation, by the first being able to understand how order is imparted, and then this understanding moving downwards until all of manifestation accepts it.

Ghayat al-hakim, Picatrix, And The O9A | O9A

The Goal of the Wise Series by cover 1—3 of 3 show all. More precisely, the One Being is all-knowing of the different ranks of all beings. The manuscript in the British Library passed through several hands: It has been attributed to Maslama ibn Ahmad al-Majriti an Andalusian mathematicianbut many have called this attribution into question.


You will find those if you read a very rational work of Arabic literature on the subject, like this one.

For instance, Zemeyel with Mars, and Yebil with Sol. I read that she is working on a translation of the Ghayat al-Hakim ; directly from the Arabic, I presume. It would be appropriate, then, for a Naqshbandi initiate to safeguard the highest influences at work in the Science of Letters. The statement is a little broad, if not vague. The Spanish and Latin versions were the only ones known to Western scholars until Wilhelm Printz gghayat an Arabic version in or around Thou, the Cold, the Sterile, the Mournful, the Pernicious; Thou, whose life is sincere and whose word sure; Thou, the Sage and Solitary, the Impenetrable; Thou, whose promises are kept; Thou who art weak and weary; Thou who hast cares greater than ghaayt other, who knowest neither pleasure nor joy; Thou, the old and cunning, master of all artifice, deceitful, wise, and judicious; Thou who bringest prosperity or ruin, and makest men to be happy or unhappy!

Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms. August 18, at 8: Jean Seznec observed, ” Picatrix prescribes propitious times and places and the attitude and gestures of the suppliant; he also indicates what terms must be used in petitioning the stars. Knowledge is consequently obtained through the previously mentioned arts of wisdom. SessionsThe Survival of the Pagan Gods: While more quotations from the Picatrix could be included, sufficient have been provided to illustrate that the work concerns a septenary system and the esoteric correspondences of the seven planets including their relation to the Zodiacal constellations, and the incenses, sigils, tinctures, objects, and names of the respective animating principles, necessary to acquire an understanding of the whole system and thus achieve the goal that is wisdom.

Works can belong to more than one series. A pdf version of this essay is available here: Salvation in the monotheistic religions is a more theo-metaphysical sort of cosmological force stemming from a given event which resolves the poem of damnation Christianity is THE soteriological religion in this sense. While most English editions are based on the different Latin texts, there is an edition presumably translated directly from the original Arabic by Hashem Atallah and edited by William Kiesel.


Hence, to obtain a knowledge of what is one ancient source for the O9A septenary tradition, the student of the Occult and those interested in O9A esotericism should study the Arabic text of Ghayat al-hakim in preference to the Latin Picatrix, and also compare that text to Renaissance works such as those by Marsilii Ficini, as well as study the alchemical texts which mention or which allude to a septenary system.

Like many concepts in the book world, “series” is a somewhat fluid and contested notion.

Also avoid publisher series, unless the publisher has a true monopoly over the “works” in question. The odd Latin title is sometimes explained as a sloppy transliteration of one “Buqratis”, mentioned several times in the second of the four books of the work.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To create a series or add a work to it, go to a “work” page.

Series: Ghayat Al-Hakim: Picatrix: The Goal of the Wise

Avoid series that cross authors, unless the authors were or became aware of the series identification eg. Iamblichus is a gate. Nobody said Plotinus derived emanations from Ghayat Al Hakim. Which understanding was of The Unity, the Monas, behind all things. Interestingly, it is said that these ranks are not fixed, but that the last in this hierarchy of beings may ascend until they reach the first.

I describe why that is a mistake in the Differences, Influences, And Translations section. Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. The author of Picatrix utilizes Neoplatonic theories of hypostasis that mirror the work of ibn Hayyan. August 12, at Shelton is the author of Alchemy in Middle Earth: First, how the medieval and Renaissance scribes of the Picatrix c.

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