Program Manual PABX LG GHX 1. TRUNK GROUP / PEMBAGIAN GROUP * FLASH30 CO LINE yang kita jadikan satu Group. 1 ○ GHX KEY TELEPHONE SYSTEM / SLT User Guide GHXA//36/46 SLT User Guide for GHX System Call Forward ○ Lift handset. ○ Dial 7 5 4. GHXA/ HYBRID KEY TELEPHONE SYSTEM SECTION 6. FEATURE DESCRIPTION NUMBERING PLAN Numbering Plan for.

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Enter 1 digit on the number keypad.

These keys of the dial pad are used to enter the various data fields and to enter numerical information such as timers.

Loop Button Assignment 89xx, Flash 12, Button 2: Enter the new password. MUTE gyx will be flashing. Enter programming mode 3. Save Number Memo Redial 5. After dialing station range, you will see this display: On a LCD you will see this display: ROM installed onpanel, which facilitates the replacement of software improved versions.

  DECRETO 4857 DE 2007 PDF

Index of /FOTO/GHX

To change music source, dial 1 digit of music source type. I tried opening the box and i see two buttons. Pickup Group Conditions 1. When this occurs, re-enter the data.

Through the assignment of Class of Service COS many combinations of allow and deny numbers can be set. Out Of Office – Back Tom 0 6: Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback.

System Components Service More information. CO line is put on exclusive hold 6116 music is provided to the held party.

Flash Timer Related Feature 1. Unpack the KSUs assure there is no shipping damage. Retain it for future reference.

Page Zones Call all zones: Dial appropriate dial data if you select the new message. Start display at page:. UCDEnter 1 digit 1 or 2 to change control of channel usage. A battery rack or case should be used to secure the batteries to prevent tipping or any movement that could cause spilling of battery acid or shorting of terminals.

I have tried hanging them up in the base. System unitcan not be installed directly on the brick or plastered walls;Use a wooden panel, reinforcing previously it on the wall. Handling the cord on this product will expose you to lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause [cancer, and] birth defects.


PABX LG GHXA | JOB – Freelance

External connections use screw terminal connections. To connectsystem devices using 4-wire cable 2 twisted pairs. When the system detects a tone from incoming line within predetermined time, the system transfers this line to the station assigned for a Fax machine. The station you called will then signaled. If you are starting to program at ghz point, enter the program mode at first. If you find a telephone company failure, the userequipment and possible harm to the telephone network, shouldoff equipment GHX and eliminate the problem.

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