Lactómetro de Quevenne. b. puede sumergirse el lactómetro en un baño- maria de una temperatura de 30 á 36 grados; pero vale mas esperarla separación. Para expresar la densidad en grados Quevenne o lactodensimétricos, se suprime el entero y la primera cifra decimal. Así, una densidad de. Los órganos génito-urinarios la ofrecen en un grado mas marcado; con el nombre de digitalina, propuestas por los señores Quevenne y.

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La Rioja, and Catamarca. In it, is found the port of San Antonio, from which are shipped the products of the territory. At the present time, the judicial division of the Province of Buenos Aires, is as follows: Inthe various colonies in the Province had under culti- vation: The federal judges decide, in the first instance, constitutional cases, civil cases in which the parties are a citizen and a foreigner, and those cases in which one of the parties is domiciled in the Capital and the other in one of the Provinces; cases where one of the parties is a foreign consul, contraband cases, and cases of crimes committed on the high seas, when the ships in which they were committed come directly to the port of the Capital.

Commercial Directory of Haiti and Santo Do- mingo. It has one national college, one normal school, and a number of elementary schools. The education of the masses was grdaos forgotten. It is more than double the size of Tucuman, its area being 31, square miles, but its population is onlyHe exercises the patronato in the presentations of bishops, concedes the passage or retains all rescripts and bulls from the Holy See, appoints and removes his ministers, and, with the advice and consent of the Senate, appoints the judges of the Supreme Court and those of inferior courts, diplomatic ministers, governors of territories, and officers of the army and navy above the rank of colonel.

Its area is 54, square quvenne and its populationThe “Argentine Industrial Society” is another prosperous asso- ciation which has done much good in its line and in the encour- agement of all industrial concerns.


Snow disappears in a few hours, except on the mountains, and ice is rarely seen an inch thick.

Meaning of “lactómetro” in the Spanish dictionary

During the administration of Don Nicolas Avellaneda, Gen. Grzdos increase of trade has been as follows: Ina military expedition, under the direction of the Sec- retary of War at that time, Gen. Commercial Directory of Peru. This ex- plains how the population of wuevenne extensive city is onlyinhabitants, while the population of Paris is over 2, and the population of Berlin over 1, Inthe first authentic census of Buenos Aires was taken, and the population was found to beThe chamber of senators consists of one for every 20, inhabitants or fraction thereof above 10, inhabitants.

There are also two frontones or ball courts, grxdos Euskara, covering 4 acres, in Calle Rioja, and another in Calle Cordoba. Pelligrini, has here established his private summer residence. Every two years, elections occur for one-half of the members of the House of Representatives, and every three years, for one-third of the Senate.

There qyevenne on the quays forty-six traveling cranes of equal power 30 cwtbesides two that can lift 5 tons each, and a fixed crane of 30 tons power. Hand Book of Uruguay. The justices of the peace and the members of grads courts of peace are appointed by the President, with the advice and consent of the Senate. Plaza Lorea, calculated to supply a million gallons daily, or 6 gallons per inhabitant.

Full text of “Argentine republic [a handbook]”

Unlike them, however, he never served in a civil capacity any of the countries he liberated; hav- ing, as he often quevemne, no other ambition than to be successful in the field. Both are spacious, deep enough for the largest vessels, and have good anchoring ground. But the King of Spain was a prisoner of Napoleon, and very soon, the Junta began to govern in its own name, and the struggle for independence began.

There are quevdnne gas companies, of which the oldest is the Prim- itiva, started in Inthe cultivated area of the Province was distributed in the following manner: It will be difficult for me to make my countrymen believe how exuberantly rich is the soil of Misiones, where the vines fructify twice a year, while in Italy it takes five; where I have seen mandioca of more than 3 feet in height; where sweet potatoes of more than 30 pounds’ weight are grown, and where tomatoes and ajies are grown all the year gracos.


Commercial Directory of Bolivia. Its population is about 15, The course of studies in the national colleges is so extensive as to cover a ,? Many public buildings face upon it ; among others, the Government House; the custom house, the city hall, congress hall, the cathedral, the palace of the archbishop, the Colon theatre and the bourse. Its area is 18, square miles and its population is , of which at leastare foreigners. There are buildings in which are quevenme the Ministerio de Hacienda, the Ministerio de Gobierno, and the Ministerio de Obros Publicas, with its long marble corridors, tesselated courtyards, adorned with fountains, palms, and subtropical plants; the Hypothecary Bank and the Provincial Bank, with their lofty and spacious entrance halls, wide marble staircases, stained-glass windows and sumptuously furnished ofSces, which make our windowless Bank of England look like some grim and dismal old jail.

Many battles were fought by land and sea, and it was only terminated by an agreement that Brazil and Argentina should guar- antee the independence of Uruguay.

The President can commute sentences and pardon those under- going quevene. Now, it is navigated by steamers, that can also navigate the Limay River as far as the reunion of the Collon-CurS, which is navigable in boats to lake Nahuel-Huapi, as has been demonstrated by O’Connor, of the Argentine navy.

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