Hauntology, as a trend in recent critical and psychoanalytical work, has in its French form hantologie, was coined by Jacques Derrida in his. Radical Atheism: Derrida and the Time of Life, Martin Hag- glund argues that this broken sense of time is crucial, not only to hauntology but to Derrida’s whole. Jacques Derrida .. That is what we would be calling here a hauntology. Ontology opposes it only in a movement of exorcism. Ontology is a conjuration.

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Views Read Edit View history. It has no certain border, but it blinks and sparkles behind the proper names of Hautology, Freud, and Heidegger: While pursuing his optical analogy, Marx concedes that, in serrida same way, of course, the luminous impression left by a thing on the optic nerve haunyology presents hauntopogy as objective form before the eye and outside of it, not as an excitation of the optic nerve itself But there, in visual perception, there is really wirklickhe says, a light that goes from one thing, the external object, to another, the eye: Theo-anthropological figure of indeterminate sex Tisch, table, is a masculine nounthe table has feet, the tab e has a head, its body comes alive, it erects its whole self like an institution, it stands up and addresses itself to others, first of all to hahntology commodities, its fellow beings in phantomality, it faces them or opposes them, For the spectre is social, it is even engaged in competition or in a war as soon as it makes its first apparition.

The categories of bourgeois economics consist precisely of forms of this kind [i. In the virtual space of all the teletechnosciences, in the general dis-location to which our time is destined — as are from now on the places of lovers, families, nations — the messianic trembles on the edge of this event itself.

It should disturb both the ethics and the politics that follow implicitly or explicitly from that order. Of these two deserts, hauntollgy one, first of all, ill have signalled toward the other? Contradiction and secret inhabit the injunction the spirit of the father, if one prefers.

What costs humanity very dearly is doubtless to believe that one can have done in history with a general essence of Man, on the pretext that it represents only haunttology Hauptgespenst, arch-ghost, but also, what comes down to the derriea thing — at bottom — to still believe, no doubt, in this capital ghost.


Even if hauntoligy wanted to, one could not let the dead bury the dead: Archived from the original on 7 July From the first chapter of its first book? It alone in any case can call for this constant restructuration, as elsewhere for the very progress of the critique. Let us not forget that everything we have just read there was Marx’s point of view on a finite delirium.

When the curtain rises on the raising of a curtain? Hypnagogic pop is described as an American “cousin” to hauntology [17] and is also known to engage with notions of nostalgia and cultural memory. On the other hand, one must pay attention to the conjuring mechanism that Freud then puts forward to justify himself for not having thought that he ought to begin from where he could have begun, from where he ought to have begun, nevertheless, him for example you understand well what I mean: The relation is probably neither one of break nor of homogeneity.

To assimilate him so as to stop frightening oneself making oneself fear with him. Its use-value, Marx seems to imply, was intact.

Derrida, Jacques (1930–2004)

At stake first of all is that which takes the original form of a return of the religious, whether fundamentalist or not, and which over-determines all questions of nation, State, international law, human rights, Bill of rights — in short, everything that concentrates serrida habitat in the at least symptomatic figure of Jerusalem or, here and there, of its reappropriation derrkda of the system serrida alliances that are ordered around it.

Mark Fisher — whose forthcoming Ghosts of My Life Zer0 Books focuses primarily on hauntology as the manifestation of a specific “cultural moment” — acknowledges that “There’s a hauntological dimension to many different aspects of culture; in fact, in Moses and MonotheismFreud practically argues that society as such is founded on a hauntological basis: Perhaps even more crucially, the web has brought about a “crisis of overavailability” that, in effect, signifies the “loss of loss itself”: It is perhaps even meant to be valid only for use-value, as if the correlation of these hanutology answered to this function: Contents Article Summary 1.

Heidegger who misjudged Freud who misjudged Marx. This double socius binds on the one hand men to each other.

That to them, in any hauntoloty, one can at least lend speech. But one may wonder whether what he calls the strongest example lets itself be reduced to an example merely to the strongest example, in a series of examples. In work to come, it will no doubt be necessary to link it to the question of phantomatic spectrality.


One must see, at first sight, what does not let itself derridz seen. Like those of the blood, nationalisms of native soil not only sow hatred, not only commit crimes, they have no future, they promise nothing even if, like stupidity or the unconscious, they hold fast to life.

Derrida, Jacques (–) – Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy

This critical ontology means to deploy the possibility of dissipating the phantom, let us venture to say again of conjuring it away as representative consciousness of a subject, and of bringing this representation back to the world of labour, production, and exchange, so as to reduce it to its conditions. Hauntology has been described as a “pining for a future that never arrived;” [9] in contrast to the nostalgia and revivalism which dominate postmodernity, hauntological art and culture is typified by a critical foregrounding of the historical and metaphysical disjunctions of contemporary capitalist culture as well as a “refusal to give up on the desire for the future.

This is no doubt not aleatory. And is not this surviving conjuration a part, ineffaceably, of the revolutionary promise?

We will interrupt its course and follow one of its other relays. The autonomy lent to commodities corresponds to an anthropomorphic projection. If one does not give oneself up to this invisibility, then the table-commodity, immediately perceived, remains what it is not, a simple thing deemed to be trivial and too obvious. One confuses what is heimliche-unheimliche, in a contradictory, undecidable fashion, with the terrible or the frightful mit dem Grauenhaften.

It marks off its territory by setting out there strategies and sentinels under the protection of apotropaic shields. The commodity thus haunts the thing, its spectre is at work in use-value.

Hauntology: A not-so-new critical manifestation

Ontology is a huantology. The concept has its roots in Derrida’s discussion of Karl Marx in Spectres of Marxspecifically Marx’s proclamation that “a spectre is haunting Hayntology spectre of communism” in The Communist Manifesto. The mystical character of the fetish, in the mark it leaves on the experience of the religious, is first of all a ghostly character.

This commerce among things stems from the phantasmagoria. On the other band, but how? Retrieved 17 August

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