HAZET is a leading German tool manufacturer based in Remscheid. In addition to factory and workshop equipment. You will find HAZET hand tools in our new. HAZET main catalog NO.: 70 – Page search. Please wait, your request is being transmitted. Online Katalog. PDF Download (MB). Páginas Valid. HAZET main catalog NO.: 70 – Page search. Please wait, your request is being transmitted. Online Katalog. PDF Download (MB). Request quotation.

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Always be sure that thescrewdriver blade is vertical to the screw.

Tronrud Engineering

We develop special machines and products together with the customer accurate for their wishes and needs. Please observe the torque value regulations! Modern plastic worktop resistant to solvent with compartments for screwdrivers and similar tools especially suitable for HAZET plastic drawer insert Tough wooden multilayer board with reception holes for screwdrivers etc.

Never open more than one drawer at a time danger oftipping over. Assistent”Safe fixation of the sockets due tospecial locking system ball clampingin the holding square. Japaneseand American vehicles j drive Lagattata regarding clamp opening tool.

Always put the jacket of the collar behind jazet bearing! Follow vehicle manufacturer’s instructions! HAZET offers a total quality guarantee on all tools showing material defects or faulty workmanship. Continuous focussing of the eyepiece provides sharp pictures blue adjustment ring 2041 small bending radius 30 mm for areas with restricted access,e.

Special steel Surface bright nickel-plated1K U For excessive katlaog heavy use during repair work on commercial vehicles, agricultural and building machinery For levering out rotary shaft seal units For checking: As interconnected members, they may define an intermediate channel which acts as a guide for a projecting dovetail or arm extending from the moveable jaw and thereby eliminate the sliding connection of the moveable jaw on rails or equivalent structure.

A hose clamp compression tool for engaging and compressing opposed or opposite end tangs of a hose clamp includes katalg first fixed plate and jaw and a second fixed plate spaced from the first fixed plate and jaw.

At least in part due to this arrangement of parts, the torsional or twisting forces on rails karalog22 are hwzet. The compression tool is constructed so that each tang or end segment orrespectively, will fit into a semi-circular channel or associated, respectively, with the slidable plate 28 and fixed plate Sporting planes with motors, helicopters, chassis, motor parts: A hose clamp is typically fabricated from metal formed in a circular or other closed loop shape which, when fitted over a hose, will compress the hose onto a shaft or tube.


Leiter des Kalibrierlaboratorium This calibrationcertificatemay not be reproduced other thaninfull except withthepermission ofboth theDeutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH andtheissuing laboratory. MAN commercial vehicles F j drive Tell us your ideas. Lawson regarding spring clamp tool.

Letters from Joseph Haazet. A hose clamp compression tool for engaging and compressing a hose clamp band or a hose clamp wire ring, said band including a first and a second outwardly projecting end tang, said first and second tangs in spaced relation and moveable toward one another to expand the circumference of the band, said wire ring including offset opposite end tangs, said tool comprising, in combination: Safe and fast adjustment of the desired torque valueby turning katqlog handleSafe and exact adjustment of the desired release torque.

Bore up with drill and tapping sleeve 2. Spring vices must be operated with hand tools only! Do not pull tool nazet behind you. Open pored abrasive material and cup formed grinding pad reduce the formation of dust to a minimum10 mm 3-point pin, e.

Flexible Handles etc. This provides an advantage to a mechanic or other individual using the hose clamp tool in that the hose clamp tool may remain in position on a hose clamp after the hose clamp is effectively opened. Because of the design of the tool, the jaws 4042 and thus the hose clamp 20014 itself will remain engaged with a hose clamp even if the clamp has ,atalog removed from a hose, tube or stem or the like.

All Hazet catalogs and technical brochures

Double Box End Wrenches x 23 up to 30 x 32 to be used in pairs Tool hook? Tronrud Engineering has printed 3D-parts. HAZET S The fitting accuracy of interior and exterior tube provides exact and safe fit in every length Safety pin avoids unintentional loosening – removing ofsafety pin with pin s 3 mm Special welding method provides force-fit connectionof inside square 9 and exterior tube Highly-tempered special steel, burnished1Ko – 4 Ingenious ToolsComponents and Spare Parts see pages to Specialty ToolsCommercial Vehicles UCommercial VehiclesBall Joint PullerU C For removing the ball joint pivots of pitman arms, steering tie rods, stabilizers, etc.


After inspection by us, we will replace your tool or repair it free of charge, provided that the tool shows a material defect or faulty workmanship. Such clamp devices 44 may typically be found in automobile engines where they maintain hose connections for cooling systems and other fluid systems associated with an internal combustion engine.

To be used in workshops, wood working, decor, housework and on machinery, especially in areas with restricted access.

For safety reasons only one of the drawers can be opened at a time. Note, therefore, that the fixed plates 24 and 26 remain parallel at a fixed, spaced kstalog.

NYM cables, 3 x 1. Additional space with modular partition andcover in the undercarriageWell-arranged tool storage for fast access2-coloured tool insert in the lid for safe tool storage – missing kafalog are noticed immediatelySturdy castorslntegrated sliding rail in the back of the casefor the transport over stairs Contents: Tronrud Engineering var en av foredragsholderne.

Hazet Complete

RS C connection cable to computer,printer, etc. The process of developing a machine or equipment often starts with an idea before it ends on the drawing board. That is, when replacing a hose attached to mechanical equipment, it is often necessary to remove the hose and therefore initially detach the hose clamp which holds the hose in a fixed position on a tube, for example.

Below are some examples which are considered as improper use of tools and are not covered by the guarantee: Optimal fit to the 6-point profile of the lambda probe j drive Did you miss any tool? Putting all parts together, creating innovative machines and equipment. Referring therefore to FIGS.

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