The STREAM TONE by T. Gilling The Shallows by Nicholas Carr Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky How to Build a Computer by John Gower III Trust Me. HERE COMES EVERYBODY. THE POWER OF ORGANIZING. WITHOUT ORGANIZATIONS. CLAY SHIRKY. ALLEN LANE an imprint of. PENGUIN BOOKS . On reading Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky and We-Think by Charles Leadbeater, Stuart Jeffries hopes that reports of the journalist’s.

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The old model was filter, then publish: He also describes how lowering the barrier to allow more contribution permits more failures which means more avenues are explored and more creativity and insight gained. I have a few candidates for the main reason.

Wide-eyed statements like this and claims that community “has not historically been a good guarantor of longevity” make me wonder if I’d do the world a favor by spending my free time looking for the rock Shirky lives under and turning it over so the guy can get some sunlight and vitamin D or something.

The message would have been the same: If you have spent the last 20 years of your life in blissful ignorance of what was happening around you, it may as well turn out to be a fascinating book for you. Eventually, the police agree to treat it as a theft and the girl is arrested. He denies that the mere act of technological invention changes societies, saying that technologies only become socially interesting once they’ve become ubiquitously adopted.


Hacked off

They share their story online, in order to vent. Fomes 04, Natali rated it it was amazing. Jan 29, Jakub rated it liked it.

Shirky props for giving it the ol’ college try and writing a book that is basically about something that is completely changing constantly. Jul 28, Chipp rated it it was amazing. He was writing for an Internet [1] audience, typically a shiirky of bright programmers, developers, and network admins.

Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations – Clay Shirky – Google Books

I thought it was well-written and a quick read, and it made me feel kinda cool again. At least Leadbeater has the wit to qualify his byline, adding “And other people”.

Casual readers should get a great deal of food-for thought out of Here Comes Everybodyand academic readers will be pleased as well. In effect, reading through books on Internet and society is like watching a multitude of really smart blind folks grope the proverbial elephant.

Yes, there were letters pages and second editions, but often errors went uncorrected and the authority of a few people became all but unquestionable. People, no doubt, like Shirky and Leadbeater. But calling that potential interactivity would be like calling a newspaper interactive because it publishes letters to the editor.

Shirky further argues that the successful creation of online groups relies on successful fusion of a, ‘plausible promise, an effective tool, and an acceptable bargain for the user. Read, highlight, and take notes, across hdre, tablet, and phone. The only reason I give it two stars instead of one is because I give Mr. Finally just like with other trendy books [like Gladwell], this is not a book that ages well.


The beauty of open source and the socialistic nature of the Web allows the next generation of social media to learn from the first generation and create increasingly effective tools. One observation that really sticks out in Just an excellent read. The revolution is coming. It makes more sense for them to “publish then filter. She refused to return it and was getting pissy with him.

Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations by Clay Shirky

To ask other readers questions about Here Comes Everybodyplease sign up. Here Comes Everybody is an important counterpoint to those who think that social networking is just a popularity contest for kids, or who bemoan the “narcissism” of people who put their information into MySpace.

The Accelerator Group was focused on early stage firms, and Mr. Shirky is a good hege, he writes clearly and entertainingly, but there just isn’t enough substance in here to justify an almost page book.

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