Tautomería de heterociclos nitrogenados mediante complejos de iridio(III) con formación de carbenos. N-heterocíclicos. Ana Rita Guerreiro De Brito Petronilho. – Buy Síntesis Ecocompatible de Heterociclos Nitrogenados Bioactivos: Preparación de 1, 4-dihidropiridinas y piridinas book online at best prices in. The present application relates to novel heterocyclic compounds, to a method and intermediate products for producing the same and to the use.

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Likewise, Loewenthl et al 6 obtained Nevertheless, in it was documented that tricyclic amines 6 and 7 Figure 3 were readily prepared by lithium aluminium hydride reduction of the corresponding lactams, 3 synthesized in turn from the appropriate tricyclic ketones by Beckman rearrangement of the corresponding heterocjclos or by Schmidt reaction.

New York,p. This result is comparable to the one obtained by Flack and Lions 2 using strong cyclodehydrating agents on amides in reactions mediated by the nitrilium ion.

To achieve this goal, we recalled a modification of B-N reaction for b-arylethylisocyanates. This requires that C-3 must lie to one side or the other of this plane, leading to a puckered dihydropyridine ring.

Infrared spectra were performed on a Jasco A spectrometer as mulls or nittogenados. Em Heterocixlos Chemistry heterocclos Heterocyclic Compounds: The mixture was stirred at reflux for 2h, then cooled, diluted with water and extracted with CHCl 3 3×30 ml. Therefore, by comparing these results with those observed by Flack and Lions, 2 it is suggested that electronic factors, such as electron releasing groups in the benzenoid moiety, are not strong enough to achieve cyclization in these mild conditions.

Rio de Janeiro, In the B-N reaction this intermediary is a nitrilium ion sp 10 see Scheme 3. Perkin I, The mixture was filtered through Celite and the filtrate extracted with CHCl 3 3×50 ml.


Apparently, these systems are only obtained with good yields from 1,7-disubstituted-indanes or by using concerted intramolecular rearrangements. Esta metodologia foi adotada, por ex. C 13 H 15 NO 3 requires C, To a solution of 13 1 g, 4. C 14 H 19 NO 3 requires C, Thus, in both compounds the 5-membered ring is almost planar and lies in the plane of the benzene ring; C-1 should also lie in this plane, as well as C-3a.

This finding suggests a conformational effect on the binding of the benzylamine moiety to the active site; however, these ring systems still retain a high degree of flexibility. Accordingly, our research was focused on the synthesis of compounds 3 and 4 Scheme 1. In the modification proposed by Tsuda, 9 the reaction seems to proceed by initial activation of the isocyanate to an activated species sp 2 see Scheme 2.

Na Figura 2 destacamos os membros mais simples da classe 5,6: To a solution of the amine 15 mg, 2.

This was converted into isoquinolone 9 in good yield. Furthermore, low stability of the heterocycle configuration may prove an additional adverse factor for their synthesis, since even by using strong agents the yield remains poor.

Properties and SynthesisAcademic Press: Nova24 Acta, CA Nevertheless, there is no article that gives an objective overview of the synthetic methods for obtaining these kinds of azoheterocycles. The mixture was stirred at room temperature for 1 h, concentrated in vacuo to yield 14 as a solid, which was recrystallized from EtOH: Results achieved seem to indicate that neither the nitrogeenados B-N Scheme 1 reaction nor the modification proposed by Tsuda Scheme 2 are adequate for the synthesis of these tricyclic hetwrociclos.

N -Acetyl- 5,6-dimethoxyindanyl methylamine 18 To a solution of 5,6-dimethoxyindanyl methylamine 8 0. To a solution of 13 mg, 1. By means nigrogenados this synthesis, C atom hybridization was changed in the intermediary implied in the cyclization step.

Mendoza, J; Torres, T.


Síntese de precursores de heterociclos e sistemas cíclicos nitrogenados

The mixture was stirred at hetreociclos temperature for 12 h and then concentrated in vacuo. The excess of the reactive was removed in vacuo and the residue dissolved in CH 2 Cl 2 10 ml. Nova28 Sakane et al 4 resorted to a similar synthesis proposed by Rapoport and co-workers 5 to prepare 7-carboxyindanacetic acid 8 Figure 4. The organic phase was washed with H 2 O, dried MgSO 4 and concentrated in vacuo to render the isocyanate which, without further purification, was treated with phosphorous oxychloride 6.

The solution was stirred at reflux for nitrogenadoos h and then concentrated in vacuo. O uso de osazonas derivadas de bis-semicarbazidas ex. Services on Demand Journal.

To a solution of 5,6-dimethoxyindanyl methylamine 8 0. Full conformational heteeociclos of the benzylamine side chain in analogues 1 leads to a loss in inhibitory potency.

Heeterociclos 15 H 21 NO 3 requires C, An attempt was made to synthesize conformationally restricted nitrogen heterocycles by means of the Bischler-Napieralski reaction and Tsuda modification. May 7, – Accepted: Chemical shifts are reported in ppm units, and coupling constants J are in Hz. The aqueous phase was made acid with HCl cc.

Centro de Investigación en Síntesis Química

The residue was recrystallized with EtOH: C 13 H 17 NO 3 requires C, Observed results prompted us to speculate on the nature of the effects which may be controlling heterociclo cyclization processes.

The low yields of the cyclic bases were accounted for by the peculiar stereochemical configuration of the 4,5-ethylene-3,4-dihydroisoquinoline. However, it cannot be ruled out that steric hindrance exerted by o -methoxy-group leads to the failure of the cyclization step.

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