As in the case of the red worm, chicatanas have been consumed since pre- hispanic times. In recent years Hormiga de miel (honeypot ants). Cocinera sosteniendo puño de hormigas san juaneras en Pahuatlán Puebla. – Chicatanas ants just before cooking in a small restaurant in the. Guey, Madrid Picture: Un camino de hormigas chicatanas. – Check out TripAdvisor members’ candid photos and videos of Guey.

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The ants belong to the reproductive caste. Those big-bottomed ants are sold in the street and in restaurants.

Moreover culona ants are really bigger than the hogmigas ants, with the size of a bee. How does it work? Then the ants feed on that mushroom!

Last but not least, hormigas culonas are also known for their aphrodisiac properties! Hormigas culonas live in symbiosis with a mushroom they cultivate Leucoagaricus.

And Mexico is the country with the greatest variety of edible insects: A communications expert by profession and food lover by nature, Daniela has been working as a food journalist for four years. If all this talk of juicy critters has whet hprmigas appetite, you might be planning your trip to Oaxaca. The absence of mixer allows people hogmigas taste and enjoy its earthy flavours. But experts actually recommend drinking young mezcal, straight.

Culona ants are usually fried or grilled in a pan and dusted with salt according to tastes. Finally, chef Ruiz recommends molotes, a snack or antojito made with corn dough and filled with chorizo and potatoes. She tweets at dannca. We discover this ant species in Colombia, more exactly horimgas Bucaramanga and San Hormigaw in Santander region blue circle on the map.

Knowing this, we made just one mouthful of the ants we bought, fried and a bit salted, in a street of Bucaramanga. During the rainy season in April and May, the future queens fly away to get fertilized by male ants between 7am and 4pm.


The four must-try insects to munch in Oaxaca Daniela Cachon. With chile and lime, who can resist?

Sal con hormigas chicatanas – Picture of Pitiona, Oaxaca

The worker ants cut some leaves and feed the mushroom with it. Why is it so expansive? As in the case of the red worm, chicatanas have been consumed since pre-hispanic times.

Well, these ants are becoming increasingly rare because of the over-collection and the growing request from all over the world! Cristiano Oliveira through Flickr. Tlacolula market is located about 30km from Oaxaca city and is known for its main meeting hall. For 25 years, this family home has been opening its doors on Wednesdays and Thursdays, offering traditional Oaxacan cooking, including various home-grown products. Have you tried them? It tastessomewhat like ground dried shrimp, which makes it ideal to go with the traditional greens romeritos that are served at Christmas and Easter, as well as with nopal cactus pads.

Always get them from street vendors — the most crowded stand is always the best one! They can be found in all the central states in the country. Meat is chargrilled in front of customers on anafre ovens, and highlights include tasajo beef, usually wood-smokedchorizo and cecina salted, dried meat.

For a long time, people thought the best mezcal was the oldest, or the one with a worm in the bottle. Hormigas culonas nly the wings are taken off because it may irritate the throat.

Subscribe to Our Emails. Tucked away on a plain street under a red tent, this tiny place serves the best tlayudas in town — the only thing that gives it away is the huge crowd surrounding it. The southern state of Oaxaca is best-known in Mexico for its delicious mole negro, a dark sauce made from chilhuacle negro chillies and eaten with chicken or turkey.


Un camino de hormigas chicatanas. – Picture of Guey, Madrid – TripAdvisor

Hormigas culonas, the Colombian ants. The insect lives within the heart of the maguey agave plant region and can only be found during rainy season, which runs roughly from May to October. The perfect companion to other extraordinary flavors. The surprise should be that there are still people who are grossed out by them. Apart from the potent alcohol mezcal, chapulines grasshoppers are probably the most famous staple of Oaxaca state, and are commonly served with guacamole.

Unique flavors from Mexico. As the name suggests, honeypot ants collect and store honey inside their bellies, to be shared with other ants when food is scarce.

The little fly you might find on Xochimilco Lake. Chicatanas are flying ants that are only found once or twice a year, at the beginning of the rainy season. These flyingants aree caught in Oaxaca, during the rainy season. Since pre-hispanic times, the worm has been fried or salted and consumed in tacos, but locals also use it in sauces, as chicaranas snack, in tostadas or mixed with salt and served with mezcal.

Insects that hormjgas full of deliciousness. Leaf-cutter ants or Big-bottomed ants in English.

Mexico is ready with its delicious and nutritious insects. Oaxaca is home to a variety of ancient drinks such as hot chocolate, made with water instead of milk, and tejate, a refreshing beverage made from corn and horigas. Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants. Not only are they delicious, their nutritional properties can put the most sophisticated cut of meat to shame. They go great in broths, salsas and guacamoles.

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