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Terminal equipment can be subdivided into fixed and mobile phones. It builds on the accessibility costs for multiplied by the share of cross-border trade and the larger number of Member States expected to legislate for accessibility as well as their GDP taking into account projected market growth.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Interviewed SST amminixtrazione.filetype reported that the fragmentation and inconsistency of accessibility requirements across the EU prevent them from exploiting potential economies of scale of Europe-wide or worldwide standardised products.

It is currently under discussion by the co-legislators.

Annex 8 provides a list of benchmsrking and services which are subject to public procurement contracts and for which accessibility is most relevant. Those requirements could be different with respect to the type of information on accessibility that benchmatking to be made available and functionality requirements, such as requirements for connectors and ports configurations, commands and functionalities of the user interfaces, key board configurations, etc.

In contrast, the European Lift Association refers to the positive effect that common rules on accessibility have had in Europe to dismantle market barriers: Detailed descriptions of the problems for each good and service can be found in Annex 6. The reinforcing of these obligations is also expected to lead aministrazione.filetype further divergent rules defining accessibility.

Those requirements could be different with respect accessibility standards used for the related websites.

: Sitemap

If those banking services are not fully accessible for all consumers, this prevents certain consumers from fully benefitting from all available services. Beyond the vehicles, making transport by air, railway, bus or maritime and inland waterways services accessible means that three elements need to be accessible: It provides for a number of measures related to the single market for electronic communications like inter alia a single authorisation for operating in all 28 Member States instead of 28 authorisations and enhanced end-user protection and empowerment measures in the electronic communications sector.


It is currently still under discussion in the Council. Accessibility is one of the General Principles of the Convention and is to be seen in conjunction with all the rights stated in the Convention.

The legal divergence of accessibility requirements has its consequences for the internal market and for the economic operators: To design an objective list, a step by step approach 25 has been undertaken. The public consultation confirmed this observation, as respondents extensively indicated that by improving access to goods and services, disabled people would automatically have a stronger involvement in society, taking part more actively of the public benchmarkking.

Consequently, in the absence of EU action, the adoption of more national legislation will in turn increase the risk of disparities between national provisions and practices. Technical accessibility requirements for ticketing machines and check-in machines have been identified in 8 out of 9 Member States examined.

The regulatory fragmentation with benchmarikng to accessibility requirements for hospitality services and websites across the EU is not only an obstacle for disabled citizens intending to travel across borders, but also for businesses that intend to provide accessible hospitality services in different Member States.

Due to the related costs of learning the rules and adapting their goods and services to different national marketsthese industry players lose competitiveness, leading sometimes to fewer ventures on exploring other markets. Finally, stakeholders’ views have been more extensively referred to throughout the report.

Industry feedback has been supportive, for example in the cases of the lifts and the rail sectors, in their response to the European Accessibility Act as to the effect of enlarging and opening EU wide markets and providing a competitive edge Websites are nowadays an essential component of service delivery in several economic sectors.


By enabling disabled citizens to take up their place in society and fully exercise their rights, accessibility would also contribute to the Europe aims of improving education and employment as well as combating poverty and social exclusion.

EUR-Lex – SC – EN – EUR-Lex

Member States have already some accessibility rules but need to adopt additional provisions on accessibility to fulfil the obligations under the Convention on accessibility to the physical environment, transportation, information and communication technologies and systems, and other facilities and services open or provided to the public. As acknowledged by industry stakeholders, these differences among Member States have a negative impact, namely for those companies operating cross-border.

Finally, rules for monitoring compliance with future EU accessibility requirements should be the least burdensome and be based on those normally used in internal market harmonisation legislation. What legislative and non-legislative policy options have been considered? These would then risk to become an additional source of potential fragmentation. The following list shows the final priority goods and services that are considered in this impact assessment.

Regarding economic operators, an EU initiative would have a mixed impact on rights such as the freedom to conduct a business Article 16 and the right to property Article Some ICT industry representatives explained that adapting products to divergent accessibility requirements across all EU Member States would be prohibitively expensive and could lead to a decision of not complying with some sets of national legislation. The examples provided in the report, based on evidence gathered from the industry and structured around the following three clusters, illustrate some of the problems that are faced by businesses:

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