Jacques Ravatin left us in March It is by this interview of – below – that we discovered it. It was the continuation and synthesis of a. , French, Book, Illustrated edition: Théorie des formes et des champs de cohérence / Jacques Ravatin, Anne-Marie Branca. Ravatin, Jacques, Jacques Ravatin. Follow. Follow on Amazon. Follow authors to get new release updates, plus improved recommendations and more coming soon. Learn More.

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Q — The Enel would be types of archetypes or hyper-objects of which the Local would only hold more or less faithful copies? It is the unnatural functionalities that we assign to these objects, which also make them superfluous, that make it impossible to integrate them into the cycles and systems of Nature.

He even discovered an Emotion acting on the cancer cells. After this indispensable clarification, I come to another experience also due to Reichenbach and directly related to what interests us. Moreover, these last is capable to propagate their properties with their contents, in the through case of containers for example, and also with the electromagnetic waves these containers or reflecting on their surface.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. The cycloid one said stringent when the point belongs to the circle, is lengthened when the distance between the point and the center of the circle is great with the ray, shortened when this distance is low with the ray.

The Ark of the Covenant, figured from certain biblical descriptions. The indications received allowed us to lift the Grid. In this glass cylinder surrounded by a double helix with minutely established characteristics, are immersed mineral forms that give the water very high emissions. The different Fields and Emissions can be overlapped, so that the possibilities are innumerable.

Sprink, who did not know anything about Emissions due to Forms, had made the greatest researchers of the moment notice the possibilities of his apparatus.

These increases are variable according to plants but are appreciable. This notion is crucial because some Emissions deemed beneficial can have a disastrous influence only because they are in a harmful state.

The operation of the described installation cidessus allows the carrying in work of a process aiming at activating the fluid ones. Moreover, one knows by at-AAT-A and AT-A [ Schauberger ], of the water pipelines of else particular form, allowing the regulation of torrents or river. The liquid injected into the vessels was a kind of alchemical mercury. His theses remain to be verified by a wider community of researchers ….

: Jacques Ravatin: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle

For example, at the North Jacqjes of the sphere, there will be a point of emission that turns the pendulum for a green control fabric and in a clockwise direction: We now know that the alchemists, more or less intuitively, subject matter to higher and higher Taofel fields, adding to each transition properties in principle reserved for living structures and psyche.


We treated a table oil with very high Taofel Fields: Q — This is a justification of the beliefs in the powers of the name, the rhythmic incantation and the sacred music …. Have you looked at ways to protect or stimulate living cells that have to deal with all these aggressions?

The present invention will be better understood using the detailed description of a given embodiment like nonrestrictive example illustrated by the annexed drawing of which the single figure is an axial cross-section of an according form to the present invention. Constellations are Shapes and emit extremely powerful Dynamic Emissions.

Discs 29 have, preferably, an outer diameter of approximately 32 cm and a thickness from approximately 1 cm, and are drilled with an axial hole corresponding to the maximum outer diameter of the insulator 26 on which they are threaded, and attached in an appropriate way. The fluid treaty is distributed by means of the valve from extended East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion.

For left cycloid, it is advisable to use the curve followed by a point pertaining to a ray of a circle, when this last rolls on straight and turns around this same straight. Features that can not be integrated and harmonized in the natural world are projected in the Global that returns us ….

Natural materials not having any coherent or directed structure, such as for example the rubber, are to be avoided.

Ravatin, Jacques [WorldCat Identities]

It was the continuation and synthesis of a long line of vanguard researchers and scientists who, at the same time, practically and theoretically studied the links of the visible and the invisible, their implications and the possibility of change of consciousness.

It is to be noted that circulation between the two half hemispheres 11 and 12 can be ensured in the two directions, by modulating the pressures to which the compressed gas in the respective conduits 61 and 62 is delivered. These networks of medieval esotericism allow the transfer of Forms and the creation of Fractal Objects.

In practice, it is preferable not to twist a wood small plank, but to cut the aforementioned volumes as Jacquse strips.

Jacques Ravatin – Emissions due to Forms

One lays out outside the form F, around insulators 26, six identical discs 29, being of course that insulators 26 exceed sufficiently of the form F towards the outer one, if not the discs could be directly attached on the stem of electrodes As shown in the Figure 1, the device of activation of fluid, includes a tank of inlet 1 of fluid to activate, an unit of treatment 2 as well as a tank from extended 3 of fluid treatment.

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A second generation of researchers, among them the archaeologist Enel, then Jean de la Foye and Roger de Lafforest, took back the results of the pioneers and accumulated the experimental verifications.

Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. The unit of treatment 2 is laid out immediately downstream from the tank of inlet 1, and includes, in addition to two conduits 5 of circulation previously described, an intermediate tank 8 laid out between these two conduits 5.

Conduits 6 of compressed gas arrival are also formed in a C3 curve. What is this conviction based on? R — We submitted favatin and oils to the action of high Taofel Fields. In the center, in the photo of the subject, the right Shin pendulum pointed in the middle, Four points cardinal, the four components of the Vital Field. The present invention will be better understood using the detailed description of several taken embodiments like the nonrestrictive examples illustrated by the annexed drawings, in which – Figure 1 is a planar view of an embodiment prefered of an according device to the present invention.

One knows by the FR-A a process and equipment allowing to exert an influence on the modifications of state of the material, especially by the action of suitably directed emissive apparatuses.

Ravatin, Jacques 1935-

You will also notice the number of reports mentioning relocations. According to another embodiment of the invention, equipment comprises two or several regular polygonal concentric frames, each one having different numbers of dimensions. The effect is no less disastrous on people who have the misfortune to be nearby. Spacers 63 connect with dimensions the 47, jacues, 55 and 59 of the F2 form at the corresponding tops of the F1 form.

It is preferable to consider base metal copper, and of the heavier metals constituting alloy will be taken among those possessing an atomic number Z jacsues between 38 and 45 or pertaining to the rare earths. He was no doubt the first to understand that the powers of Forms were jacquee of a way of thinking radically different from ours. In Figure 4, one schematically represented another embodiment of the according apparatus to the present invention.

rxvatin The pendulum encourages the awakening of these latent qualities and everyone can be convinced, after three hundred hours of practice, the merits of this instrument.

Are you an author? Because we do not have to do waves, nor those of the electromagnetic spectrum, nor those of any other known vibratory system.

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