JBL C Cinema Loudspeaker System. This model has been discontinued. We are providing this page as reference material. Some accessory items may still . The JBL C-4(8)LF provides powerful, smooth and accurate reproduction of motion picture soundtracks in medium and large cinemas. The system is. We sell used & new C Drivers and Horns by JBL. Select from the best prices and availability in the world.

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Here is a link from my thread: A supertweeter is needed.

Club double 16″ “Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler”. For the larger exhibition environment. Once we have confirmed your order, we will contact you with the final cost, including shipping.

High performance cinema systems for all room sizes. The JBL H mm 15 in transducer employs a copper-sleeved magnetic pole piece providing a stabilized magnetic field which provides lower 2nd and 3rd order harmonic distortion and flat power response.

SamNov 10, If we knew what the hell we were doing, we wouldn’t call it research would we. It 4675 not tax a 35 wpc amp in the least for the horns – or the whole system for that matter.

JBL c RMB元 | ritchie wang | Flickr

Are they too much? I would get the over the in a heartbeat. You must log in or 4657c up to reply here. Yes, my password is: Thanks for the feedback gentlemen.

Lastly, the bass cabinets, even with the size, are not tuned to take you down to 20 hz. 4675 Posted by LarryMcConville. All times are GMT In closing, can someone help me understand what the difference in presentation would be between the and the products?


You will not be charged. Both products have very similar LF compliments as each are boasting a pair of drivers. One other thing, the A horn is almost a meter in length, hopefully you have lots of room in the front to work with! Ibl an aside, thewith its very robust woofers, will get into subwoofer territory with proper placement and some EQ–mine measured flat to about 25hz when placed along the wall and given 6db of boost at 30hz. Originally Posted by jerv.

I have looked into the Crown Dsi family of amplifiers, and the HiQnet documentation lists pre-sets for the to compensate for this rolloff. People seem to be hell bent on getting rid of them, for a very modest price.

Comparing c to consumer “hi-fi” speakers? I use my ‘s from Hz to about 8 kHz, where the H takes over. If you are interested in going the route, I would get the 8 mbl box instead of the 4.

JBL 4675 for home use

Log in or Sign up. SamNov 4, They will need some HF boost, or super tweeters for the best results. Share This Page Tweet. The reason probably is that is isn’t driving the amp as hard as the 4 ohm version. 44675c of these has 2 sections. Due to the weight of the C, we must use freight and 4675d calculate shipping costs at checkout.

We are providing this page as reference material. Originally Posted by JBL Now common wisdom is you shouldn’t EQ vented woofer enclosures lest they “run away” with themselves but with s it was no sweat. I fully agree with Jerv, the does not, will not, can not reproduce the last octave well, even with Be loaded drivers, below kHz they are awesome, but plan on a tweeter if you go that route.


The Series of cinema loudspeakers meets the needs of sound designers and theater owners, delivering the finest sonic reproduction possible. The boost curve is pretty much the same for all CD horns. Low distortion, first rate dynamics and clarity, a nice and well controlled dispersion pattern–what’s not to like?

I respect these gentlemen’s opinions, and their feedback may persuade me to pursue a DSL solution too. You will have to tweak the or build your own crossovers for the best results.

This system is shipped partially preassembled. I see these are best bi-amped.

Originally Posted by 1audiohack. However EQing these when used as a woofer, rather than as a subwoofer, by increasing woofer excursion might increase distortion in the midrange and be detrimental to the overall sound.

JBL 4675c RMB16800元

I ran a pair of the horns for 4675cc couple years. I currently have 40″ behind my screen wall, with my first row of seats at 15′ from the screen.

I agree; however, I have yet to find anywhere with a pair of to listen to. Two 15″ H J woofers sensitivity is db 2. Page 475c of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: The 2″ horn throat also sacrifices high frequency directivity to play down to the mid frequencies.

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