MBA Entrance Exams Practice Test – Quantitative Aptitude 1 BITSAT, CLAT, MAT, NIFT, XAT, Bank PO Quantitative Aptitude, JMET, JMET Quantitative Ability. 53 Pages | Views. This content is useful for JMET students Geometry questions from SSC CGL tier-1 paper Quant videos for SSCby Learners Planet. Quantitative section of CAT has always been the favourite of the exam . CAT, XAT, JMET, SNAP, CET, FMS, IIFT and GMAT since

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JMET – Analysis

However despite these errors there were enough doable Qs and the jnet would be pretty high in this section. Sonia know the answer. The vocabulary questions were straight from hell and would have been tough nuts to crack for the best of the best. General Studies Paper-1 for Mains Guidelines. As specified in the JMET notification there were Qs over 4 sections with a total time of mins. JMET over the years has set low sectional cut-offs and higher overall cut-offs.

So, unless you are very sure of the solution to the question, don’t attempt it. The contest between the exam setters and CAT experts is more or less like the competition between the computer security specialists and the hackers.

Of the four sections, DI and QA sections were relatively simple. The JMET remained true to form and did not produce any big surprises.

Take as many mock tests as you can. Now theremaining 4 places can be occupied by the fourconsonants in 4!


On solving the determinant, we get a linear equation,Hence the given determinant represents a straight lineChoice 4 3. So, handle the questions accordingly and ensure a proper balance between attempt and accuracy.

Solutions for JMET Quant Paper-1 – Documents

You should know what to select and what to reject. This would have troubled many a student who would have lost precious time trying to unravel the Qs. In each of these cases the remaining children can bearranged in!

A few values in the question given can be swapped with the other values to get the answer. The only thing that needs to be understood is “what makes us superior to others” when it comes to Quantitative section of CAT Expected Rank to get a call. This coupled with the possible increase in the participation this year makes the going really tough.

So Answer 3 is the right option. The grammar and composition questions would have taken a little time to answer, but these would count as the easier questions in this section. You may have mastered the concepts theoretically, but you will not gain confidence unless you pay heed to the ” Mock Tests “. A better way to understand the modified pattern with language traps will be to discuss an example: In CAT nobody expects you to answer all the questions.

The price of Ooty tea will become on the th day. One should do well to remember that management exams are also a test of ones ability to manage such situations and to come out of it without much loss.

Understanding things theoretically is far different from doing them practically. Other Get Ahead features: CAT seems to be approaching faster than the speed of time. For attempting a question, we can divide time into two parts, to grasp the question and to calculate it further. We can solve the question based on the information given by applying the formula. Q uantitative section of CAT has always been the favourite of the exam setters.


The para-jumbles were relatively easy and could have been attempted.

JMET 2007 ( Quant Questions )

The section had three questions on para-jumbles, 6 Qs from Critical Reasoning and 21 Qs from Quan reasoning. We all are putting our best on attaining speed and accuracy.

All materials on our website are shared by users. The methods can be explained better with the help of following example. This is considered to be the most effective one as far as CAT questions are concerned. The cut off mark in this section is likely to be around marks. Meenakshi Madhavan Jmte to prepare for senior management roles Make a career in the gaming industry What are the world’s healthiest foods?

Solutions for JMET Quant Paper-1

Now, 3, 7, 11, …. One consistently comes up with security walls and the other passionately finds a way through them. The curve meets y-axis atthe points 0, 0 and 0,2. How to beat job interview stress NEW! If you have any questions about copyright issues, please report us to resolve them.

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