T. Jurlewicz, Z. Skoczylas – Algebra Liniowa 2 – Definicje, Twierdzenia, – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Jurlewicz. skoczylas – Algebra Liniowa 2 – Przykłady I Zadania tyczna Wydawnicza GiS, Wrocław [6] T. Jurlewicz, Z. Skoczylas, Algebra liniowa 1. Przykłady i zadania, Oficyna Wydawnicza GiS,. Wrocław [7] M. Gewert. Name in Polish: Elementy algebry liniowej. Main field of study (if Level and form of studies: 1 th level, full time . [2] T. Jurlewicz, Z. Skoczylas, Algebra i geometria analityczna. Przykłady i zadania, Oficyna Wydawnicza GiS, Wrocław

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Mathematics 1

Assessment methods and assessment criteria:. Derive and formulate in terms of the cross product Cramer?

In special cases, the assessment may be increased by half a degree. Additional information registration calendar, class conductors, localization and schedules of classesmight be available in the USOSweb system: In terms of skills: This course is related to the following study programmes: Derivatives of higher order.

School of Exact Sciences. Knowledge of activities on real numbers and algebraic expressions. The preparation for a test: Integration by parts and by substitution. Studying the recommended bibliography: State the definitions of conic sections as loci of points. Solving of any systems of linear equations using Cramer theorem and Kronecker-Cappeli theorem. Describe the transformation of the matrix of a linear operator under a change of basis.


Given parametric or normal equations establish the relative position between lines, planes and points. Observe that almost all notions of Euclidean affine geometry can be generalized to higher dimensions in a natural way.

Mathematics – part-time first-cycle studies Mathematics – full-time first-cycle studies Additional information registration calendar, class conductors, localization and schedules of classesmight be available in the USOSweb system: Departament of Nonlinear Analysis.

Rectangular and trygonometric form of a complex number. Wikipedia english versionhttp: Lecture, 15 hours more information Tutorials, 15 hours more information.

Describe the Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization process. Given the matrix of an operator find eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Limits of sequences and functions. Give example of the canonical form of an antisymmetric matrix. Basic mathematical knowledge of secondary school.

Functins and their properties.

This course is related to the following study programmes:. Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. The set of complex numbers. Systems of linear equations – Cramer’s rule. Give the conditions for the matrix of an operator to be diagonalizable.

The goal of the lectures and classes is to achieve knowledge in the area of basic mathematics in order to have a better understanding of the theory of other subjects, core subjects as well as specialized subjects in which mathematical methods are used.

Definite integral, Newton-Leibniz theorem. Algebra liniowa, PWN, Warszawa Exponential, logarithmic and inverse-trygonometrical functions. In order to pass tutorial one has to get at least mark 3 from all skills defined in the criteria of passing the module. Matrix representation of linear transformation. Describe line and canonical conics equations in Cartesian and polar coordinates. The evaluation of the lecture is the evaluation of a multiple-choice test to check the learning outcomes in terms of: The name of the module: Calculus and linear algebra.


Some basic information about the module

The positive evaluation of the two colloquia is a prerequisite for admission to the test. Given the matrix find the similarity transformation invariants: Monotonicity and extrema of functions. Matrices and systems of linear equations. Analytical Geometry in plane and space. Find the parallel and perpendicular components of a vector relative to another alfebra.

Mathematics 1 – Courses – USOSweb – Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy we Wrocławiu

Write the matrix form of algebraic equations of quadrics in R2 and R3. The greatest common divisor. The final grade is the grade of exam, it can be gone up an extra exam in the case if the grade of classes is higher. Observe that conic sections are curves obtained by intersecting a cone with a plane.

Find the orthogonal complement of a subspace. The position in the studies teaching programme: The faculty Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Elements of differential calculus.

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