Kapila GitaKapila (Hindi: कपिल ऋषि) was a Vedic sage. Traditional Hindu sources describe him as a descendant of Manu, a grandson of Brahma. Kapila-Gita. Kapila Muni starts from rock-bottom fundamentals. It is the mind that is the villain of the piece. Both for the bondage of the jIva and for its release from . book, Teachings of Lord Kapila, the Son of Devahuti, is based on a .. the Bhagavad-gita (): “The bewildered spirit soul, under the in.

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Kapila Gita

It was covered with dirt like fire with smoke. The self-realized soul is thus reflected first in the threefold ego teluu then in the body, senses and mind. He shines by Himself. Indeed, Thou art the Lord of all Beings, verily the lord who is the origin of the word, born like the sun, the eye of the beings blinded by the darkness of ignorance.

Thank you for the reply. Sometimes, by the discrimination of truth, the terrible fear on bondage is removed.

Glasgow, Scotland Dear Niranjana, Please accept my blessings. Verses 8 a nd teljgu are corrected. O noble lady mother! The same when done for noble men, opens the gateway to liberation. Haribol, a new aspiring devoote here.

When the mind attaches itself to the sense objects, bondage arises. Her mind absorbed in vAsudeva, devahUti, was unaware of her own body which was transformed by austerity and yoga, and protected by God, she sat with hair open, unconscious even of her clothes. But this consciousness itself is a reflection giga the real supreme Consciousness, the reflection being in our own ego-mind.

Advaita devotees never perish. This is all that is needed for mukti. It is considered by Me that it is the mind, indeed, that is the cause for bondage and liberation of the Self. I am extremely exhausted from gratifying these deceptive. Indeed, even a dog-eater is great who chants Your name. The real identity of the Self is seen and all pleasure and pain are seen in their true colours as products of the Ego.


Because of this attachment and doership, he helplessly reaches the state of a samsArI and becomes unhappy.

Teachings of Lord Kapila Free PDF Download

Those noble men who chant Your name, must have already practiced austerities, performed sacrificial rituals, taken holy bath, and studied the veda-s. Time is japila twenty-fifth element. It is the reflected Sun in the water contained in the vessel.

As if attracting a fish to a hook, the mind now attracts the Lord. The puruSa, even though dwelling in prakriti, does not get affected by the qualities of prakriti, as he is immutable, non-doer, and attributeless like the sun in water. They assemble together and enjoy My work.

The bondage of puruSa by prakriti is burnt up by spiritual practices performed day and night by prakriti body-mind itself, like the fuel by the fire in the cup of the araNi. The source of our awareness is our consciousness within. And what is the source of that reflected Sun? Published on October 8th, by Madhudvisa dasa Full size image. Your email address will not be published. Some devotees do not desire to become one with Me. I have a question I was reminded of while reading the comments. The blazing fire is different from the flames, from the sparks and from the smoke, although all arise from the same blazing wood.

December 15, at I shall expound to you that yoga, with ,apila its aspects, which was earlier taught to rishi-s who were eager to listen. Sankhya is both a system of metaphysics, dealing with the elemental principles of the physical universe, and a system of telguu knowledge, with its own methodology, culminating in full consciousness of the Supreme Absolute.


That is why, in common parlance in Indiathe statements. Wise men attribute to PrakRRiti the relationship of Cause and Effect as well as the agency of action. When these dirts are washed off from the mind, it becomes pure. That is like offering oblations into ashes instead of in the Fire.

INDIASPIRITUALITY: English Translation of Kapila Gita (Full)

By abiding in this easy-to-practise path, revealed by me to you, you shall are long reach the Supreme goal. PuruSa was attribuless fita creation. Then he goes on to describe the different lim bs of ytoga-sAdhanA.

I like it more than anything I’ve ever experienced before. Kapila Gita is unique in it’s own way as it teaches advaita-bhakti. III — 27 — 12, Telugi does not get affected by prakriti. AtmA is that which pervades the universetakes back the universe at the time of dissolutionenjoys as the illuminator or experiencer of objects here in the worldand has eternal existence. The kapula gross elements earth, water, fire, air and space.

And the meditation should be on the unique form of the Lord. Actually I iapila looking for Kartallessons. Those who continuously listen to or teach this teaching of kapila muni, the secret of Self knowledge, get their mind absorbed in Lord viShNu and attain the lotus feet of the Lord. Devotion is the single-pointed natural flow of thoughts along with senses by the guNa-s and actions understood by the scriptures, towards the Lord who is purity itself. Kapila-uvAca Lord Kapila says.

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