Kepital® F Datasheet. Acetal (POM) Copolymer. Supplied by Korea Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. Create your free Prospector account to view this. Informationen on KEPITAL® F POM grade from Korea Engineering Plastics Co. Ltd. KEPITAL’s product range, from standard unfilled grades to specialties, is .. Shear strength of KEPITAL F at various temperatures. (ASTM D, t 3 mm, .

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The contents, results, and technical data from this site may not be reproduced either electronically, photographically or substantively without permission from MatWeb, LLC. Too low holding pressure Wear of non-return valve Improper cushion.

Impact strength The impact strength f2-003 the kepitsl to withstand a dynamic impact rather than static stress. Therefore it should be taken into consideration in optimizing the back pressure. Please contact us at webmaster matweb. When the stresses are removed within the elastic limit, a thermoplastic is capable to recover its original shape. As shown in Figurethe d20-03 of a molded part increases upon the hold pressure time and then stops at a certain point.

In mold fabrication, it is essential to previously review the dimensional precision, flow characteristics of the raw material, consistency of product and cost-effectiveness etc.

Figure demonstrates that shrinkage rate is high if hold pressure time is shorter than gate seal time. Therefore, when thermal degradation is noticeable, the cylinder should be kepitql by purging out melt and the cylinder temperature must be reduced at the same time. As a rule of thumb, the hold time can be simply calculated wall thickness mm times 8.

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Material Data Center | Datasheet KEPITAL® F

High moisture in granule Decomposition by over-heating Insufficient gas vent Air entrap into cylinder Contamination. In general, it is a most widely kepotal characteristic to identify the electrical behavior of plastics.

Figure shows the results of the spiral flow test in which the flow properties of standard unfilled grades were evaluated. When static stresses are loaded to thermoplastics constantly, not only does the initial strain occur but also an incremental strain is followed as time goes by due to its viscoelastic property. Users requiring more precise data for scientific or engineering calculations can click on the property value to see the original value as well as raw conversions to equivalent units.


MatWeb is intended for personal, non-commercial use. A back pressure of bar is generally appropriate. The wear occurs from mechanism motions such as abrasion, adhesion kepitaal fatigue etc among two or more sliding materials.

In addition kepiyal natural colors, they are processed with various colors. Volume resistivity refers to the electrical resistance of a material that is measured when an jepital field is applied across the unit cube of a test specimen.

Temperature dependency on mechanical properties KEPITAL maintains balanced ff20-03 and mechanical property characteristics over a wide range of temperatures. Any use of this information falls under the rules of our disclaimer. Thermal conductivity Unlike metals, most thermoplastic materials are insulators with a low thermal conductivity. In addition, if material stays in a cylinder under the condition of a blocked nozzle, formaldehyde gas can rapidly build up a high gaseous pressure in cylinder.

KEP Kepital® F Acetal Copolymer, Medium viscosity

In case of a high crystalline resin like KEPITAL, sometimes prolonged cooling time at high mold temperature may be applied to minimize the residual stress. Korea Engineering Plastics Co. Because plastics have viscoelastic properties, creep strain is more readily exhibited than in metallic materials. The heat deflection temperature ISO 75 is the temperature at which specimen exhibits flexural deflection of 0.

In order to prevent odor nuisance, thermally damaged material can be cooled down in the water bath. KEPITAL has the good stability in terms of mechanical properties and dimensions in contact with fuels even at evaluated temperature.

The UV causes discoloration and surface chalking resulting in decomposition, and finally serious deterioration of mechanical properties.


In order to obtain a high quality of product out of KEPITAL, the recommendations and check-points on the injection molding machine are the following:. This is because of the fact that plastic materials are affected by varied factors such as temperature, stress and time. The processing window; temperature versus melt residence time in the cylinder for standard unfilled grade is shown in Figure The creep failure is a phenomenon in which a part strained and then eventually fractured under a constant stress for a long period.


Those properties are keppital from the stress and strain curve S-S curves that shows elastic and plastic behavior of a material under a dynamic load. In general, there are methods kepitall evaluating the fatigue characteristic of plastics 1 Load control method Load control 2 Strain control method Strain control 3 Strain control between grips method Position control. Moreover, with recent development in electrical applications, requirements on static dissipative or conductive materials are expanding since the combination of mechanical property and electrical property of KEPITAL is attractive to the electrical markets.

Hardness Hardness of a plastic material is usually indicated in terms of Rockwell Hardness that kepitla surface pen-etration with a steel ball under specific conditions. Resistance to fuels and chemicals A thermoplastic material may show the changes in f20-30 properties and dimensions in environments in contact with specific kpital.

Equipment Injection molding is one of the common manufacturing methods for thermoplastics including KEPITAL as to allow even complicated design and cost-effective production.

Sales of plastic raw materials POM/South Korea engineering plastics/Kepital F20-03 BBK

For light resistance and weather resistance of plastics, changes in colorfastness, surface gloss or mechanical properties are measured after kepihal to outdoor or accelerated weathering.

More importantly excessive back pressure gives rise to lower output along with longer cycle time. Heat deflection temperature The heat deflection temperature ISO 75 is the temperature at which specimen exhibits flexural deflection of 0. Dielectric Strength When a voltage is applied to an insulator and incrementally increased, if a certain limit is exceeded, large current kspital flows to break down its insulation, and the limiting value of such voltage is referred to as dielectric strength.

The accelerated weathering equipment can have three light sources such as carbon arc, xenon lamp, and UV lamp.

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