Electribe Sx Service Manual. Sep 18, Hi guys I’ve got a pretty sweet setup now with a Korg Electribe ER-1 slaved to an. Korg EMX-1 SD. I’ve been lusting. The ELECTRIBE SX is a major step up in power and quality from the original ElecTribe series of dance music sequencer/synthesizers from Korg. The ESX Korg’s Electribe range has included sampling devices from the start, going hand there seems to be a conflict between front-panel, rear-panel and manual labelling!) The Electribe SX comes wrapped in a solid metal package, finished in a.

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The ESX-1 is the ideal tool for the mu- sician, DJ, sound creator, or desktop-music user who sd an easy way to add originality to their music.

Saving A Sample When you save a sample, the sample previously saved to the writ- ing-destination will be overwritten. Using The Arpeggiator Using the arpeggiator Performing with the arpeggiator To arpeggiate a drum part, Stretch part 1. The ESX-1 ships with preloaded samples covering a wide electeibe of styles.

Parameter display This area displays pattern names, song names, and parameter names. This operation lets you insert a pattern at the desired position.


You can combine patterns, add mute data and knob korb to create up to 64 songs. Cuts the high-frequency region, making the sound more mellow.

Resampling just one note of a part 1. A variation of the Band Pass Filter which also has a parallel dry path mixed into the signal.

ELECTRIBE-SX-SD/Owner’s Manual

Multiple sample parts to accommodate different sample usages: Soloing a part 1. Simply listening to these new patterns will nourish your need to create cutting-edge music. Filter – 4 types synth part: When the knob is in the center position, the pitch of the korrg sound will not be changed.


This will take a certain amount of time. Links to uncommonly great specials or deals at third party retailers are allowed.

Realtime recording lets you record phrases as you perform, and step recording allows you to input the timing, pitch and duration one note at a time. As you increase this level, the vacuum tubes will produce more effect. Those lacking manuwl meaningful comment will be removed at the moderators discretion. The traditional Low Pass Filter, which removes high frequencies as it is lorg. Setting The Playback Tempo The interval at which you press the key will be de- tected, and converted into the tempo.

Press one of the keyboard part keys 1, 2 the key will light. Up to 24 motion sequences can be used in a single pattern, allowing you to control virtually every sound parameter. About the vacuum tubes Do not attempt koorg remove, replace or change the tubes in the ESX Built-in step sequencer for intuitive song production. The ESX-1 makes it easy for you to record new samples. The ESX-1 is a fantastic dance production machine best suited for live performances.

Editing A Sample Editing a sample You can use the knobs and keys of the Part Edit section and Effect section to modify the sound in Sample mode as well p. Two types of motion sequence are provided; one for effects and one for parts, and you can also edit the value of individual steps. You can also select patterns while the ESX-1 is playing. Press the sample button, then shift and record, choose mono or stereo sampling with the main knob, then play when you’re ready to record your sample.


Keyboard – 16 soft pads. Loop End specified within the Sample elsctribe. Editing A Song This operation lets you insert a pattern at the desired position. My favorite thing to do was play records through it and tap tempo to match the record, then grab a bar of the record and mangle it. When you touch the ribbon controller, the selected part will begin playing automatically.

We recommend opening the word processing program first, and rlectribe opening the files from within the program, rather than simply double-clicking on the icon. Effect types The effects of the ESX-1 can be classified into the following three groups.

Then contact your nearest Korg dealer or the store where the equipment was purchased. Playing A Song Playing a song 1.

Korg ElecTribe SX (ESX-1) | Vintage Synth Explorer

Motion Sequence function captures and replays sound-tweaking knob movements. Press the keyboard part key that you want to edit.

Easy and intuitive to use, flexible, fun and inspiring. Submit a new link. Powerful arpeggiator uses our ribbon controller and slider for generating inspired phrases.

Parts and their functions It was the first piece of hardware gear I ever bought and will always have a special place in my “shit I don’t use anymore” box.

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