The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz has ratings and 29 reviews. Luís said: Here is a beautiful story of adventure both surprising and very playful, the gre. The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz. The First English Translation of Verne’s Original Manuscript. Jules Verne. Translated and edited by Peter Schulman. These reviews are for various editions of: “The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz”.

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Aug 15, Achilleas rated it really liked it.

The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz: The First English Translation of Verne’s Original Manuscript

The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz is emblamatic of this. Originally posted at A Progressive on the Prairie. What I got out of this book: When he is again refused, he threatened the family. After reporting the events to the chief of the Ragz police, Heinrich Stepark, he suspected that the culprit must be Wilhelm Storitz, as he was the only person who profoundly disrespected the Roderichs. InBison Books brought out a new edition, the first to be based on Verne’s manuscript.

Wilhelm’s house was searched but, beside Myra’s bride wreath and a mysterious yellow fluid in a blue vial, no significant evidence was found. Mar 16, Anna rated it did not secreet it. Stepark attempted to capture Wilhelm but failed.

But there is never anything wrong with having something “new” from a classic author, particularly when earlier versions deviated from the author’s original work. Wells as forefathers of science fiction, here is a case where they have a similar story.


The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz – Wikipedia

This is Verne’s invisible man story, and quite frankly in this case Verne gets it wrong, when one ingests a potion to become invisible, it does not also make ones clothing invisible. It is, though, among roughly half a dozen novels and a short story collection published after he died. The story is a quick read and very well written. Earlier editions feature a version of the novel heavily rewritten by Jules Verne’s son Michelwho improbably pushed the date of the story back to the 18th century, despite many references to 19th century discoveries, such as Roentgen rays.

Verne wrote about space, air, and underwater travel before navigable aircraft and practical submarines were invented, and before any means of spa Jules Gabriel Verne was a French author who pioneered the genre of science-fiction. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. He’s nothing like Arthur C Clarke in terms of scientific knowledge, but when it comes to story telling ability, no sify author can simply beat Jueles Verne.

Jules Verne’den ziyade Arthur C. Yet therein is a tale itself. Doctor Ox Yesterday and Tomorrow Lau Maia rated it liked it Oct 19, At his arrival in Ragz he received a warm welcome from Myra’s family. He asked for her hand in marriage, but was turned down by both Myra and her parents. It tells us for misfortune has drilled the skin of his brother Marc, a painter about to marry Myra Roderich but previous suitor, Wilhelm Storitzwhom the Roderich family had refused the hand of their daughter, being son of a great scientist who would have made great discoveries that the world could not imagine, openly proclaims revenge against Henry and Marc Vidal because Myra will marry no one but him.


Geopolitical emotions and biases into play. The secret of the invisibility formula dies with him. The story is told by Henry Vidal, who travels from Paris to a fictional city in Hungary, where his brother intends to marry Myra Roderich, the daughter of a highly respected family. Jindroush rated it it was ok Jul 06, It also is not coincidence that Storitz is German as Verne displays an anti-German sentiment that set in following the Franco-Prussian War.

On one hand he addresses the havoc that could ensue if one had the ability to become invisible; the concerns from personal family life to political security that would be breeched. For the merely curious, it may be better to skip this and go re-read one of Verne’s classic works instead. The first English translation appeared in and edited out complete passages of Verne’s text.

Schulman does an excellent job footnoting names and terms that are of little or no significance today.

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