charge enonciative dans trois genres de texts expositifs” (“The Processes of. Enunciation in Three Types of Expository Text”) (Itziar Plazaola. Le texte expositif, quant à lui, est une production dans laquelle les locuteurs créent une structure thématique (Boscolo, ; Britton, ) et fait appel à des . Les titres et intertitres sont des dispositifs de signalisation fréquemment utilisés dans les textes expositifs. De nombreuses recherches réalisées en psychologie.

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Finally, we address the question of what future tecte directions are suggested by our framework. Such collaboration will have several benefits for research on text signaling.

Understanding How Headings Influence Text Processing

International Journal of Psychology 45 1: Cahiers de grammaire Therefore, variation in the visual properties of titles and headings may be associated with variation in their effects on text processing. The Role of Schemas in Reading Text: Shortcomings of previous research. The findings support the distinction between sequential and hierarchical information functions of headings.

Educational Gerontology 24 8: What should the visual properties of the headings be? Finally, by establishing a context, headings can influence the interpretation lle text content by causing readers to use oe background knowledge to guide comprehension. In this paper, we briefly review the relevant findings, then we provide a critique of the research literature, arguing that our understanding of how headings influence text processing would benefit from a linguistically-based analysis of headings.


How to Do Things with Words: SARA hypothesizes that any signaling device serves one or more of seven distinguishable information functions: Discours Revue de linguistique, psycholinguistique et informatique En bref: Journal of Educational Psychology 63 4: This definition is consistent with those of Virbel and Genette These examples do not state the topic or theme of a section of text; rather, they provide information about the function of a section of text.

The goal of TAM is to supply a semantic analysis and a logical model of text formatting properties.

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Effects of Headings on Text Processing Strategies. The heading provides a context for integrating subsequent information, but leaves it to the reader to identify or construct the main points of the section. Educational Psychologist 43 1: It should depend upon the other three dimensions of signals: Both the advance outline and expozitif headings provide the same topic-identifying labels for the text sections, but the headings provide the relevant label immediately preceding the relevant section whereas the advance outline provides the label generally far in advance of the relevant textte.

We discuss the implications of our analyses for research on titles and headings and summarize recent research findings that illustrate the validity of a central component of our analyses. That is, what are the ke functions of signals? Or are performance differences due to the loss of segmentation cues provided in part by the white space?


Discours Revue de linguistique, psycholinguistique et informatique. Journal of Educational Psychology 88 1: Intrusion of a Thematic Idea in Retention of Prose.


The reader-based component of SARA. Applied Ergonomics 39 2: Contemporary Educational Psychology 26 2: Improving Memory for Prose: Les objets textuels de type titre.

The function of the headings is to foreground specific content that is also available in the text. As one important type of signaling device, headings are addressed within the SARA framework. To take one simple example, consider an experiment in which memory for a text is compared for a version of the text that contains topic-identifying headings and a control version of the text that omits the headings and the white space inserted to set off the headings from the body of the text.

Rather, headings are sometimes used to identify only the function of a section e. Thus, TAM provides a foundation for both a definition of signals and an analysis of their key properties.

As we have already noted, however, not all headings are topic-identifying. They were timed to locate the specific sentences in texts that had topic-identifying headings or texts that had headings that did not identify topics.

Thus, important questions for future research are to more thoroughly develop the constructs of relevance and accessibility and examine their influence on signaling effects.

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