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In , a new forestry law in Brazil (Lei 11,/) established the legal framework to develop state and national public forests for multiple. within the structure of the Ministry for the Environment (for the full text, see Lei/Lhtm>). (Lei /) are optimistic that conces sions will provide economic development opportunities and help modernize the nat ural forest products industry.

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Datasets and technical assistance were provided by R. For decisionmaking purposes, it is important to be able to estimate the royalty rate that permits the logging firm to just satisfy participation constraints.

We simulated the production possibility frontier PPF and investigated the tradeoffs among different land uses for three scenarios using existing logging centers and also when the centers move to cities closer to FSF: Different fucosyltransferase FUT genes were also identified in adjacent and tumor tissues, and two HCC cell lines with different metastatic potential.

License CC BY 3. The parameter is assigned a priori to be either binary 0, 1 or some other score assigned by the public planner, in the case the planner has information about the relative value of different stands for a given land use alternative.

These opportunity costs are not uniform across every management decision. Inthe Brazilian Forest Service SFB concluded the first inventory of public lands, a starting point for detailed land use planning within public forests. Table of Contents Alerts. In a given public forest, government seeks to maximize profits from logging. Equation 1 is then modified and the objective of the program becomes maximizing profits from concessions constrained by a minimum number of stands—or a minimum score—assigned to alternative land uses.

Brazilian regulations establish that management decisions in each public forest will be guided by a management plan, which will be generated based on surveys in each public forest, including forest inventories, designated important sites for biological conservation and tourism, and the location and needs of traditional forest dwellers.

The experience across other countries shows that this assumption is extremely optimistic as governments have generally captured only a small proportion of the total rents [ 2829 ]. The model can be used to investigate the impacts of concessions from public forests on the local demand and supply for timber in a given region.

The latter were assumed to be forests potentially being used by forest dwellers in their livelihood strategies 12184 the first scenario simulated and or 3 in the second. Same effect is valid for biodiversity conservation.


Zoning decisions in public forests, assuming that logging is the only revenue-generating activity, will create opportunity costs in terms of lost NPV. The Brazilian government estimates that up to 13 million ha of forest concessions could be established within the first 10 years of implementation of the Public Forest Management Law PMFL.

It is important to note that, because of data limitations, prices and costs are assumed to be constant throughout the analysis, even though regional and local timber markets will be affected if large quantities of legal timber become available. Altered levels of FUT8 in HCC cell lines significantly linked to the malignant behaviors of proliferation and invasion in vitro.

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We then use the Lek in the different scenarios simulated to determine the marginal opportunity arising from decreasing the area logged due to increasing requirements for alternative land uses. Some features of this site may not work without it. The law creates a Brazilian Forest Service, sets up a National Forest Development Fund and puts into effect an infrastructure for sustainable use of public lands including the use of concessions. It is worth highlighting the fact that this law does not allow the commercialization 12184 carbon credits and other environmental services by the owner of the concession, as explained in art.

Fourth, at the landscape level, this model can help to determine the optimum level of timber production and spatial distribution of alternative land uses from public lands within a given region by taking into account future production trends of the logging industry. Your comment will be stored and reviewed by moderators, but not displayed. This is consistent with reality in the case of FSF since areas with higher potential for community use are located near roads and rivers that help access the forests roads and riverswhich also creates higher profitability levels for logging.

How to search Web of Science for articles in issues published after January 15, In either situation, expressed in 6represents the policy-driven minimum number of stands or the minimum score across alternative nonlogging land uses.

International Journal of Forestry Research

Each stand is also assumed to have a potential lfi for each land use alternative. All scenarios considered in this work assume a planning horizon equal to 40 years, which is the length of the contracts that have currently been established between the Brazilian Forest Services and concessionaires.


Comprehensive N-glycan profiles of hepatocellular carcinoma reveal association of fucosylation with tumor progression and regulation of FUT8 by microRNAs Permanent lenke http: For simplicity, we assume that constant returns to scale across all land uses and no agglomeration effects between any stand and the spatial composition of the forest.

All site content, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Llei Attribution 3. Killing the Cure from one of the top cancer blogs of Figures 6 c and 6 dotherwise, show the same curves considering the scenario with differentiated weights among stands with potential for community use and biodiversity conservation.

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Represented by 3the total volume annually harvested and directed toward a given center cannot exceed the milling capacity for each logging centerin m 3. Our assumption in the model is that the government is able to use an unspecified nondistortionary royalty instrument that does not influence harvest behavior to extract rents to the point 112884 concessionaires just earn profits equivalent to those of operating legally on private lands.

This is important for planners because it can accommodate values of noncommercial land uses in a more meaningful way. Lentini would like to thank D. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Equation 5 imposes a constraint guaranteeing no more than a single land use choice per parcel.

Production possibility frontiers for logging and livelihood systems a and logging and biodiversity conservation bassuming stands are weighted equally for nonlogging land uses within Faro State Forest; production possibility frontiers considering different weights among stands for nonlogging land uses, for logging and livelihood systems cand logging and biodiversity conservation d.

The Brazilian government currently implements a concession policy to exploit timber harvesting on national forestry reserves. Different fucosyltransferase FUT genes were also identified in adjacent and tumor tissues, and two HCC cell lines with different metastatic potential. Opt In Opt Out. If the stand is harvested, the timber will travel to at least one of mills located in logging centers denoted by.

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