Looking Back Archives | Inquirer Opinion. Columnists. Bullying in the Ateneo. December 28, BY: Ambeth R. Ocampo. Columnists. Looking Back [Ambeth R. Ocampo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. INTRODUCTION While I have always liked history I did not like the. Looking back [Ambeth R Ocampo] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Unang akda ni Ambeth Ocampo na nabasa ko.

Looking Back Archives | Inquirer Opinion

Napakarami kong bagong natutunan A history like you’ve never heard before. I’ve always been a fan of studying history — an interest which was fueled even more by my time in the university — so I’m always excited to read new material about certain aspects of our history that never seem to be mentioned in our schoolbooks, or are often told inaccurately that they end up misguiding instead of informing. Notify me of new comments via email.

Easy read and entertaining but very educational as well. Ambetth 19, Abby Andrada rated it really liked it. We don’t use ratings but for this purpose, we tag books with three stars by default. Philippine History is my favorite aspect of lookong. Ibinunyag niya dito ang mga buhay pag-ibig ng mga nasabing bayani. His arduous research on details of the past leads to picture our admirable Filipinos with much more personality and life.


Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. For instance, the narration of American involvement in the Philippines is detailed heavily without whitewashing the events.

This is my first Ambeth Ocampo book, and I like it. Oct 24, Krizia Anna rated it it was amazing Shelves: Historical events were told more of a chismis than as hard facts, or something like that. We tend to look up, or back, to them as our role models, and our parents feel the same towards their parents, and the parents of their parents, and so on.

Sandosenang Ambeth- Looking Back Series

I got a copy of this book when I attended Dr Ambeth Ocampo’s lecture: With more understanding about Philippine History within that “pause” and the author himself, my doubts about the writings in this books have greatly reduced. Bwck 11, Precious Diane Aquino rated it ocamoo was amazing.

They are well-researched and pleasing to read. His approach of sharing the history is far different from what we had accustomed to have of which how our academic learning of the discipline can be much as “fascinating as a whodunit”-A. History is the collective memory of a nation but it has to be constantly rewritten. They are not enough to satisfy my cravings for the particulars and details.


Ambeth Ocampo’s historical writings meet these three criteria. Oct 15, Chin Leobrera rated it really liked it.

Why Filipinos Should Read: The ‘Looking Back’ Series by Ambeth Ocampo – Bookbed

Unfortunately, you hit your head hard and you lose consciousness. Talking about a piece of history, not only by telling details but making everything picturesque. At bilang paunang tikim sa series na ito. I also enjoy the Spanish lessons, very enlightening. Looking Back by Ambeth R.

So, I hope I reawakened your slumbered interest in history. I paid only Php. Learn how your comment data is processed.

It was hilarious and entertaining. Thumbs up for Sir Ambeth for a book like this. Enjoyed every bit of it. I’ll give it 4. So, oftentimes my reading was boring and forgettable.

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